Latest Yahoo military format updates/billings

What if i tell you that yahoo military dating is still paying gee boys, truth is that military scam is one of the best formats to bill a client easily in every part of the world and i will tell you the reason later in this post. Though some persons says that military have casted but what you need is the updated military format and that is what you will be reading here today.

Remember you can also download military format PDF file at the end of this post, so just keep calm and read carefully.

In this military article you will learn :

  • What is military dating format

  • Tools for military dating format

  • How to get clients for yahoo military

  • Love messages for military format

  • Billing formats for military work

  • What is military dating format:

    Military dating format is a popular type of scam whereby you pose/impersonates a military personal in the aim of scamming victims through love and pity. In lay man explanation. Military dating format, Yahoo boys will create fake profile with military pictures and videos especially USA army, then be searching for clients that will love them because of the nature of their job and at the end pay them big money.

    Advantage of yahoo military format

  • No video call

  • Many yahoo boys are facing issues with clients because of video calls, nowadays every clients wants a video call so he/she can believe that you are real and not scam, but with military dating work you can easily bypass this issues, you will tell the client that video calls is not allowed in the military camps for security reasons and he will easily understand your excuse.

  • Love for soldiers

  • Almost every person have this love/pity for military persons /soldiers because of their job in protecting its citizens especially the USA citizens their love for soldiers are very high and that is why yahoo boys targets USA and they keep falling in.

  • Different billings method
  • With military dating format you can easily give your client different billings method depending on how you placed the format, for instance you can easily tell your client that the government haven’t paid yet or that you need some money for war equipment since the government haven’t sent yet. Also you can tell her that you are stranded and need flight money to travel down.

    Tools for military dating format

    To be successful in yahoo military work you need some tools to be working daily, below i have listed some important tools you will be needing.

  • Military pictures/video

  • First you must have legit military pictures and videos. Make sure you have upto 50 pics of the man/woman you are using and also upto 5 different videos. To get this pictures kindly search military pages on Facebook and Instagram, you will see lots of comments and some of them will be soldiers, check the one with plenty pictures and videos, that is what you should be using.

  • USA phone/foreign number
  • Another important tools for military is foreign number, it can be usa or any country that you are working on, just imagine you using USA number to chat with a client, it will look real and build her trust to some certain level, so get a foreign number like USA, use it to open WhatsApp, this usa number can be use for calls, texting, WhatsApp and you can use it to register social media sites. In case you need i can get for you cost is 3k Click here to message us on WhatsApp

  • Dating/social media sites
  • Here is where you will see clients for military, remember you need a good paying clients so carefully open dating sites like pof, eharmony,Elite Singles e.t.c or social media website like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube e.t.c


  • VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the internet) to connect remote sites or users together. It can change your location to any other location you chooses.
    The VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the internet from the business’s private network or a third-party VPN service to the remote site or person.

    For instance you are in Nigeria for you to change your browsing ip to USA or any other country you need a strong vpn.

  • Yahoo military format message PDf

  • This PDF contains the whole messages and procedures you will be sending your clients on daily basis, do you need this ? Dont worry you will download it at the end of this post. In the pdf i listed the whole love messages for love and trust and also billings.

    How to get clients for yahoo military

    Get a client easily this days is no jokes my brothers everything is really hard but i have some methods working for me, since you are working military, website you should focus on are dating websites, Instagram and Facebook, though Facebook keeps blocking account but if you know your ways you can work through it because Facebook have the highest paying clients ever. You can also try Instagram, first you may not be getting reply easily from them but keep on messaging different people. Try to send message to like 100 different person daily and you will surely get a good result.

    My secret on how I get clients on Instagram :

    I don’t really have time in searching for them, so I make use of Instagram promotion,here you pay Instagram like 5k and they will show your profile page to like 50 thousand USA citizens or depending on the location you want, so in military work I will just post a picture of me and my fellow army going to war or in battle field or any scene at all, then use Instagram promotion to promote it, with this I can get lots of original followers, many better clients who loves military will comment, follow and even message you.

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    immediately I got a client and we chat one of two the next is to move him to WhatsApp or hangout do de won’t ban your account.


    hello, How are you doing there ?

    I am Zack by name and you ?

    Nice Name and Nice Meeting you

    Well am from stanfield,Oregon and you?

    I’m 52 live in NY, .. Have been in the
    US army about 20years now.
    I’m one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting our
    great nation.. We are sent to shithole countries like Iraq and
    Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for
    us simply because we represent the American flag.

    How old are you ?

    I’m single father of only daughter, she live with my sis back home I have been single for two yrs and I can tell you I was married for 16 yrs till I divorced two yrs ago after I caught my wife several time cheating on me,I know shit happens but I won’t tolerate that.

    I would describe myself as very Intelligent, patients,loyal ,kind ,love ,compassion ,passionate ,understanding,sincerely ,honest and I have big heart.. am easy going man with sense o.
    I’m a very decent guy, good looking people say, but I always tell
    people to wait and get to know me deeply and you will see that my
    heart is more beautiful, i am a very shy type so apart from my job, i am very more of
    an indoors person, but i love nature so much. i divorced my ex 2 years
    ago, it wasnt easy for me going through the emotional pain,. now i feel its time to carry on with my life, my friend often say to me
    that i should stop living in the past and focus on the future,

    How about you, you look so cute which simply means that your chance of being single is slim , can you tell me about it ?

    when chatting a new clients they some important questions you should ask her so you can know the formats to use

    see important questions to ask new clients

    [Please take this questions gently don’t rush her, if she can’t answer anyone skip that question and go to the next one)


    Wow, you sound so nice in all your answers.. i have never receive a message so nice like
    All yours before.. you seems to have a very good heart..
    I know my job is a very risky job but am doing it for the love of my
    country and the love of our nation..
    I believe in chemistry gut feelings.. I will rate what i feel is important to me in order..
    Chemistry – without it two can not grow as one.
    You can also ask me any question too.

    I know you might have passed through a lot in your past relationship but that shouldn’t be the end, I believe in this life everyone is meant for someone, it may be that I was meant for you lol. So I thank God for meeting you,Commitment is the greatest key to a successful relationship. If you are committed you will always find a way to work things out Communication. Talking and open honest communication about how you feel. What makes you happy and what upsets you. If you don’t tell your partner then they can’t do what makes you happy and vice verse The way a person treats his/her parents reveals how they WILL treat you! If it’s with love, kindness and respect, then this is what you will receive. But if it’s with criticism, defensiveness and disrespect, then this too you will receive. EVENTUALLY. It’s almost certainly a guarantee! So watch and listen to the answers you get in their actions and words BEFORE you Jump into bed I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance..

    Honey one of the soldier here have been suspended this morning, he broke the rule section 53 of USA army that know one is allowed to make call or video call in the camp for some security reasons and he was caught calling his wife , Jack was my close friend,I feel sorry for him.

    And this is one of the things that is stopping me from calling you, I wished I can just see and give you a hug,, always drop me a message when ever you have my time and I will surely reply you.I just feel bad about jack’s suspension I warned him not to call or do video now he his in trouble.

    Baby i know you’re at work now.just have to write you something before i lay down,you really do mean alot to me and talking to you on the phone makes me feel great.Just can’t wait to come back home where i can take you out for a dinner where i look into your eyes to express my feelings to you.I need you and i Thank God everyday for sending you to me.I am glad that finally I have found someone like you. Now that I have you here with me, I would like to let you know how happy and grateful I am for you..I care for you and will forever cherish you.
    1.Promise Not To Hurt Baby No Matter What Is Said
    2. No Matter What Happens Baby It Will Always Be Me Me And You
    3. If You Need Somebody Baby You Can Always Call On Me
    4. No Matter How Bad Things Get Sweetie I Will Never Never walk Out The Door
    5. Whatever Is Broke Baby Believe Me I Will Fix
    6. When We Make Good Love baby I Promise To Make You Feel Good
    7.whatever You Need Baby You Never Have To Wait
    8.When You Need My Loving Baby I Will Give It To You Time After Time
    9.i Will Always Love You
    10. You Are Mine.
    Baby this are words that came straight from my heart and i promise to keep to them.Truly you are special and i never seen a woman like you that seems to be loving,sweet,caring and know how best to treat a man,i believe you are Gift sent from God and it is meant for us to be.I think about you in my conscious and subconscious mind, (awake & asleep.)I wondered why it took so long for us to meet and under these circumstances. I believe it was because we needed to experience what love wasn’t but we thought it was in order to recognize what love really is..well i will stop here for now and i hope you write me back to tell me your feelings..Love you now and Forever

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    Trust is the foundation on which a relationship is built “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” Trust is the ingredient for a healthy relationship. In any kind of relationship (with colleagues, friends, your partner, your family, teachers, bosses, an audience, customers, readers, and so on) trust is a treasure that is hard to gain but easy to lose

    Trust in me, cause i know the pain, trust in me cause i know the cold nights, trust in me cause i know the lonliness, trust in me cause i know my heart, trust in me cause i know my soul, trust in me cause i know what i give, trust in me cause i know who i am, trust in me cause i know what i want, trust in me cause i know i can trust you

    Trusting each other is important, do you trust me? Do you actually trust me? I do trust you completely and fully, so please trust me too. Think of me as your best friend who will never ever betray your trust, I really trust you so…. Really so much. Friendship is easy to develop but very hard to maintain, with trust and faith everything survives
    Trust me, because I trust you. Don’t hate me, because I can never ever hate you. Lets be friends….forever and ever, with complete trust inbetween us….Cheers for FRIENDSHIP!

    I feel that a relationship should always be based upon honesty and acceptance. When you can fully accept yourself, honesty will come naturally. This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful relationship from this.I do want you to know that am not here for game..I do want to be with you and show you how I do care for you, spend forever with you.
    One key secret to a successful relationship is compromise. Meeting halfway on things shows your partner that you really do care about their viewpoint and you are willing to work on making each other happy. Every so often make it a point to do something that you normally would not agree to or feel like doing. When you keep your partner constantly surprised by your actions, you regenerate that “new love” feeling time and time again. So, when your partner asks if you want to try that new restaurant�
    Love is obviously a crucial element in a successful long-term relationship. But having love isn’t enough. You need to be in love.give that deep kiss, sit next to each other at a restaurant or hold hands in public. The little things go a long way towards establishing a deep, intimate connection with your partner. As simple as it sounds, this action is probably the most commonly overlooked and ignored..
    To always communicate with each other. Be honest and never doubt each other. Trust in one another. Love one another and be as one…Communication is important to me,because i believe if something is bothering you about the other person, talk to them about it. Don’t let it eat at you and hope that they are going to change. How will they change if you don’t tell them..
    To be open and honest with the person you’re with. Lying about things only means you have something to hide, and it only makes things worse for everyone,without honesty in your relationship it will not work. Lies have a tendency of catching up with you..
    I think the most important key to a successful relationship is when you truly enjoy each other’s company…Commitment is the greatest key to a successful relationship. If you are committed you will always find a way to work things out.

    [imaginary sex talk – this is when she might have fallen in love, now send him this message to make her wet]
    My Love, I think about you over and over again all night untill I got wet with the imagination of how you make me feel and the dreams, I want to touch you immediately and feel the softness of your body, I want to see the pas
    sions in you when I lick your clit and suck your pussy like you have never been sucked before, I want to feel yours arms and your touch, I want to taste your lips and your nipples. Baby I dream of us together in a swimming pool, you put on a sexy lingerie and I wear boxers, You hold my hands in the pool and we kiss gently, I kiss you down to your breasts and I have you find your way to my dick, you rub my dick and I am fingering your pussy, we are both anxious and ready to have eachother, we get out of the swimming pool and sit on the mat, you made me lay on on back and you take off my boxers and and have your lips around me dick, you suck my balls and you make me feel the ectasy of your warm mouth on me, I untie your lingerie and caressing your breasts as you suck me more harder, I feel your lips on me and I want you right away. Honey I feel like I am in another world, you make me feel like I am in paradise. Honey you sit on me and get my long strong dick into your wet pussy and we started feeling eachother all the way. Baby I am all horny as I write to you. Honey I can’t wait to be home and you make me forget all my worries. Honey I love you like never before and I am all yours till death do us apart.

    (Send her a picture of you in the battle field with this message below!)
    Honey how are you doing , we just coming from thick forest battle field , the bad boys hits us hard and I nearly lost it,right now am very weak and tired, I thank God for life I know your prayers are with me.I hope you are fine I really missed chating with you please when you are online drop me a text.

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    Honey immediately I take my annual leave permit am coming to see you, so can we plan our wedding now, what’s that your favorite color, you could look sexy in a white gown or how do you see it ? I sent my sister your pictures the other time she likes you and my daughter too. You are part of my family dear.

    Billing formats for yahoo military dating

    [Billing Format]
    Before you try billing her make sure she is already deep in love with you and also she trust you well, u should have know by now how much she have and her net worth, now is the time to bill her, you can use different method of billing formats below.

    This billing format is all about telling your client that you Have lots of property and you want to will it to her as your wife to be(all about building trust)
    Below I have attached the document to send to her, also you will print out this document from cyber cafe, snap it or video it and send to her.

    Tell her the form is just for the army and government to know that both of you are dating and will soon marry.

    [Master card billing]
    Hello baby…. How you doing
    today,really miss talking to you, actually I really need
    your help, have been unable to use my master card over
    here, since when have gotten here in West Africa……I
    feel ashamed to ask you for help but you are the only
    one that can help me sweetheart in this situation I
    found my self…. I will be glad and happy if you can
    help me out,have been sending messages to my back
    over there in USA but have not seen any feedback from
    them I will need you to help me with 350$pending the
    time I my master card issue….. I love you so much baby
    will be looking forward to hear back from you….

    [Military leave permit format]
    So in this military scam you will use dating Method in which your client will be insisting he wants to see you, or you can tell her you want to see her but on one condition that she will write a mail to usa military headquarters for your leave and vacation permits.

    Tell her you could like to visit and spend some time with her

    Hello love we have been here talking for long and you always wanted to see and meet us together likewise me too, you know the nature of our job but i want to make out time for you now , but you will help me write a mail later to usa army headquarters tell them you are my wife (Sgt Harrison Stone (SSN 32006) and you want to see me so they can grant/approve my leave permit.
    Send the mail to

    Before sending this format to her, go and create gmail account related to usa army name example “”, so you will send the mail address and format together.
    As soon as she send the letter writing to that gmail, reply the mail with your payment address that she will send the money, see the format below.

    hello mrs Albert,
    On behalf of General Benjamin Hanks, Leave Permit Processing Dept., New York, New York, United States.
    We have received your mail containing the request for your husband to come and visit you (leave permit). However with the work load over here your husband is not schedule for leave now
    But your wish can be granted if you can meet up the demand fee .

    Kindly fill up the form attached to this mail and pay in the the sum of $800.
    That fee should be send to the financial secretary to the below address:

    ZIP : 45501-0271

    Sign: office of LPPD

    We also have different formats for military dating that you can use for your clients.

    These days what we use in collecting money from them is Bitcoin or gift card, will send you how to do the process in my next post

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