How to get pictures and videos for yahoo – working photos for G-boys

Before you start yahoo they are some certain tools you must have and which one of them is working pictures and videos, sometimes many yahoo boys finds it difficult to get legit pictures so in this post am going show you How to get pictures and videos for yahoo – working photos for G-boys free.

You must consider using a picture that is not casted (not used by other yahoo boys) because this alone can spoil your work instantly, imagine a situation whereby you are chating a client with a white man profile and another yahoo boy is chatting the same client with same picture lol. This picture of a thing have cost lots of working guys their paying client.

Picture and videos plays a very good role in the yahoo scam work, the kind of picture you post will determine the kind of work you do
With legit pictures and videos you can build a solid trust with your client because your profile will look real, one of the ways to identify a scam is the profile, their picture are always few and not clear enough, so if you have many images of same person it will make your profile looks real.

How to get pictures and videos for yahoo

You can easily get this real pictures online for free, so i have listed where and how to get them below:

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  • Facebook: Facebook is a social media platform for chatting and posting, with average user of one billion daily, here on Facebook you can get lots of pictures and videos for your yahoo work. This platform have 90% of real users, you can also find few fake accounts on Facebook.
  • How to get pictures on Facebook for yahoo?

    For example you are looking military pictures for yahoo, just search “USA army” in your Facebook search bar, you will see a usa army verified page click and open.

    As soon as you open it, scroll down and you will see post. Locate the comment sections and open it, in this comment is where you will see lots of profiles to copy, but be careful because you will also see lots of scammers comment they. Settle down and check their profile one after the other, i assure you that you must see a nice profile of military they.

  • Instagram : Another big social media platform to get pictures for yahoo is Instagram, this site have billions of users and 90℅ of them are real users, best part of Instagram is that many of its users post video of their daily life. So as you are copying pictures you will always download the videos of him/ her.
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    How to get pictures on Instagram for yahoo?
    Same way as Facebook but little different, for example if you are looking for USA person to use his picture, kindly search for those verified foreign accounts like CNN, Donald trump, usa today, usa army, e.t.c

    Open any of the profile and locate their posts, under each post you will see lots of comment, under this comment is where you will find nice profile that you will be copying this pictures and videos, make sure you choose the profile with lots of pictures and videos.

    To download the pictures and video you will be needed “Instagram downloaded” go to your app store, install it.

    Now that you can learn how to get pictures and videos for yahoo work, don’t forget to share this post to your friends. If you need any help kindly drop your comments..

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