⚠️How to collect bank details from clients

How to collect bank details from clients

Hey honey how you doing sorry I didn’t talk to you all day,I was in duty all day,well I got a
message from the head office today,that our allowance and family care money will be
paid to our relatives by next week,that we should provide out beneficiary info,address
and bank account or cc details for the money,because the engineering company CEO
and managers are not going to issue any cheque out to any beneficiary if he or she don’t
have an account,and the beneficiary most be 18yrs above,my only son is 7years old and
my grandma is too old to start going around for this,so baby I want to trust you with this I
want you to help me get the money to your account or get a credit card that can receive
this money soon,the information that will be needed for this transaction is…..

Full name……
Date of birth….
Bank name…..
Routine number….
Online access username….
Emails address….
Email password….
Account security question and answers,

but if you cant get all of that you can get
wallsfargo easy pay card,chase liquid card,or capital one cc,
Love you so much honey,I will be glad if you help me with this and you can take from the
money once it get to you,

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