How to become a rich yahoo Boy – learn G guys method of cash out

One of the latest trending work young boys and girls use to cashout now is yahoo yahoo ( 419) scamming.
Many persons wants to learn how to become a rich yahoo boy faster, some have been into the work for years and no cashout, why some started yahoo yahoo few months and are now ridding big cars. The secret is that one is doing the right thing while the other is not.

As a result of this we decided to publish a guide to help all interested individuals make money off Yahoo. With this post guide you will learn many tricks involved in yahoo Yahoo and how to make money faster.

Truth is that African as a whole is poor and for a means of surviver the youths are now scamming citizens of the developed countries like USA,UK or canada e.t.c

A lot of people are eager to learn how it works and, as a result of that, they visit Google every day and make search queries like:

How can i become a yahoo boy
Who is a yahoo boy
How to make money from yahoo
Latest yahoo formats
Learn how to be a Yahoo boy
Yahoo boy orientation
How to start a Yahoo boy career
How to become a successful yahoo boy
How to become a successful yahoo boy in Nigeria
Dating formats in yahoo

You might be wondering if yahoo is still pay guys or it have casted, well i want to let you know that yahoo is still paying guys till tomorrow, what you need is proper orientation/information and latest formats to use for clients.

Below in this post i will show you how to become a successful yahoo boy and cash out money within one month of work.

What is yahoo yahoo and who is a yahoo boy

Yahoo as africans calls it is a whereby you pretend to be someone you are not either by change your picture,name,and location with the aim or defrauding your victims who feels for your tricks.
Yahoo boys (G- guys) are those youth involved in yahoo business.

How to become a successful yahoo boy

Since you know yahoo is also a business that means that you have to follow some certain rules and methods for you to be successful in yahoo business,in that case kindly read below and follow.

Tools needed in Yahoo yahoo work

  • Phone / laptop
  • For you to start yahoo anywhere you must have either phone or laptop, its not a must you will have the two, one is enough for a start, if you ask me i will advise to first get a good smart phone first, its should be android or iPhone, a phone with at least 2gb ram and 3000mah battery, because phone is easily moveable,you can be doing yahoo in the bus or class or any where which is not possible with laptop.

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  • Internet connection/Data
  • When i say internet connection i mean either data or WiFi for your device, you know without any of this you can’t browse online, so you must budget some money to be subscribing your phone, its the little financial sacrifices you have to make in other to become a successful yahoo boy.

  • Premium VPN or RDP
  • VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the internet) to connect remote sites or users together. It can change your location to any other location you chooses.
    The VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the internet from the business’s private network or a third-party VPN service to the remote site or person.

    For instance you are in Nigeria for you to change your browsing ip to USA or any other country you need a strong vpn.

    In summary, vpn is used to hide your current ip location and can change your location to any where in the world.

    We have some couple of premium VPN you can purchase and use like :

  • Nord vpn
  • Ip vanish Vpn
  • Express VPN
  • Hide my Ass (HMA) VPN
  • CyberGhost vpn
  • Windscribe vpn
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • VyprVPN

  • Create dating sites / social media.
  • This sites and social media is where you will meet your clients, and for you to be successful in this you must have a clean and attractive profile/pictures, and this depends on who you are using to work (fake pictures) .

    We have many of this websites that you can open and start create profile, many of them are paid while some are free, for example Facebook and Instagram are free and you can also get a better clients they, though it have its own disadvantage because of security restrictions set in it.

    How to create attractive profiles for yahoo
    Your profile needs to b catch in essence that when a victim views it you could look real to him/or her. To do this especially on Facebook, open account with high age like 50yrs and above, gender can be male or female depends on the formats you planned on using. Add lots of pictures with good captions to each of them. You can easily get pictures to use on Facebook or Instagram.

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    Other websites for yahoo yahoo are :
    Datingsitesonboard..guysdon’trelent, USEUKIPTOSIGNUP Someusa

  • Start bombing for clients

  • Don’t expect client to message you first or add you, you are the money to hunt for them in every hidden holes of the internet, normally many of them will not accept your request or reply your message so to close the Margin always bomb as many as possible, for me i message up to 100 different persons on Instagram daily and out of that 100 5 may reply and start chatting with me, so you see the trick.

  • USA phone/foreign number
  • Another important tool to be successful in yahoo yahoo business is foreign number, it can be usa or any country that you are working on, just imagine you using USA number to chat with a client, it will look real and build her trust to some certain level, so get a foreign number like USA, use it to open WhatsApp, this usa number can be use for calls, texting, WhatsApp and you can use it to register social media sites.

    Ask your clients for more chat on WhatsApp

    We all know that Facebook will block any new account, and most dating sites will also block you after a while. This means that it is not safe to allow your relationship with your client to continue on any of those sites.

    I have explained how you can create a “Fake Facebook account and don’t get blocked”, it is working 100%, but we don’t have to leave anything to chance.

    Since you are using any of the top formats that will make your clients follow you about, then you have to do the best thing to secure your clients.

    So the best thing is to move your clients to WhatsApp and continue your chat, remember that whatsapp almost popular worldwide and can easily be use without any special skills, use that your usa number to open WhatsApp and also move in all your clients.

    Different yahoo formats to use

    In yahoo work/business we have what is called format (FMT) they are those tricks and lies you give your clients in other for them to believe you and at the end pay you some money. We lots of formats you can use in yahoo and l have listed it below:

  • Military format
  • military format is a popular type of scam whereby you pose/impersonates a military personal in the aim of scamming victims through love and pity. In lay man explanation. Military dating format, Yahoo boys will create fake profile with military pictures and videos especially USA army, then be searching for clients that will love them because of the nature of their job and at the end pay them big money.

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  • Dating format
  • This is also know as romance or love scam whereby you trick victims to fall in love with you and at the end you scam them, this is one of the most popular scam format in the world, and the target is always the white men and women who believe in true love and ready to sacrifices anything including money. As a newbie in yahoo yahoo business you can start with dating format.

  • Bitcoin investment format
  • This is the means of educating the general public about what Bitcoin is and how they can invest with small amount of money and earn big money, your aim is to scam them so you must have that convincing tactics for you to succeed. You can create a fake bitcoin investment website and when they invest it automatically enter your wallet.

    We have lots of yahoo format. Check my next post for more yahoo formats you can use

    The next is billing formats : this are the ways to collect money from your client successfully, we have many billing formats in yahoo so depending on the work you are doing that will inline with the billing to give your clients .

    Different billing format:

  • ITunes gifts card.
  • Here you collect gift card from your client, this cards can easily be gotten in stores in advance/developing countries, you can simply tell him you want to download things online with requires itunes card or any gift card, also you can tell her your phone needs software upgrade which must be done with gift card, ones he sends you the card go to paxful and redeem it immediately.

  • Upkeep, rent and food billing format

    This works especially for dating format, you can easily collect money from your dating clients with the excuse that you need it for upkeep , or even to pay your apartment rent.
    Also everybody needs food so you can beg your client money for food.

    For more formats kindly share this post to friends and refresh the page always

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