Binomo investment scam format – cash out local yahoo fraud

Not everyone is favoured or destined to make money from international scam, some are still cashing out steady with local naija scam, today am going to show you Binimo investment scam format and how to cash out with local yahoo fraud.

What is Binomo investment scam

Its a ponzi scam scheme that promise you double of your investment (money) within few hours/days of investing.

BINOMO INVESTMENT involves hacking Facebook,WhatsApp or twitter accounts and creating WhatsApp group from which you markets the scam investment packages to unsuspecting members of the public whom it either adds to such groups or join such groups in search of investment opportunities

Reason for using hack Facebook,whatsapp or Instagram is that you have to pretend as the relative or friend chating with the hacked account,when you introduce the investment scam to him,he will believe you not knowing the account have been hacked .

Things needed to start binomo investment scam

Below are the things you need to successfully cash out binomo investment scam without any issues or doubt from the victims.

  • you need many hacked Facebook accounts (10)
  • screenshot of different bank alerts
  • whatsapp phone number
  • bank account
  • How to start Binomo investment scam

    Get lots of Facebook accounts especially hacked account, check the Facebook messages and see the previous chat of the original owner, read through the chats and see the ones from relatives, close friends and lovers. Start messaging them pretending to be the original account owner, tell them about the investment and how you invested in binomo platform and was paid immediately.

    send them the investment payment plan
    10,000 to get 20,000
    20,000 to get 40,000
    25,000 to get 50,000
    30,000 to get 60,000
    35,000 to get 70,000
    40,000 to get 80,000
    45,000 to get 90,000
    50,000 to get 100,000
    60,000 to get 120,000
    65,000 to get 130,000
    70,000 to get 140,000
    75,000 to get 150,000
    80,000 to get 160,000
    85,000 to get 170,000
    90,000 to get 180,000
    100,000 to get 200,000
    150,000 to get 300,000
    200,000 to get 400,000

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    Go to the timeline post and make testimony post claiming that you invested in binomo and was paid immediately, include the WhatsApp number they will use to reach you in the post.

    After making your testimonial post, use your other hacked Facebook account to comment on the post saying that “binomo investment is real”.

    After this people will start messaging you to invest, you can also do this on Instagram and whatsapp group, create whatsapp group and add people to the group.

    Send them the payment plan and when you receive money from them kindly block them immediatel.
    With this you are up in the game on Binomo investment scheme .

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