30 important question to ask your new client – yahoo class

Chatting a new client sometimes is not that easy especially when you are out of words to use, so i have listed 30 important question to ask your new client – yahoo class.

Important of asking your clients this questions

They are lots of importance in asking your new clients all this questions, like you have to know more about him/her, if she is married and have kids, his religion and the kind of work he does. With this in mind you will now know how to throw your format in the right way.

Asking your yahoo/dating clients these questions will give you clue of the steps in billing him or her. To avoid losing him make sure you know what he likes And hates.

Below are 30 questions to ask new clients

1.How many Boyfriends you had before?
2.Do you know what went wrong in your past relationship(s)?
3.Do you know what you want in a new partner?
4.Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
5.How many brothers and sisters etc. you have?( How big is your family?)
6.What’s the year you were born and how old you are?
7.What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
8.What is your goals or dreams in life?
9.What do you dream about at night?
10.What’s your favorite foods & drinks?
11.Can you drive a vehicle?
12.What’s your religion?
13.What languages you speak?
14.Are You left or right handed?
15.Are you financially stable?
16.Are you intelligent and smart and educated with common sense?
17.What’s your turn on’s and turn off’s?
18.Do have any sexual transmiitted diseases?
19.Do you any tattoos and body piercings?
20.What is your favorite Positiong in Sex?
21.What’s your interest and dislikes?
22.Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship?
23.Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to date?
24.Have you talked about your feelings with someone else?
25.What did you do this week?
26.What sports do you play or like?
27.Where did you go to school/college?
28.Do you like (an interest of yours)?
29.What’s Your Favorite Sexual Fantasy?
30.What’s Your Favorite way touch ?

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