20 Latest Scamming Formats For Yahoo Boys to Make money this year

Yahoo scamming by African youths is very rampant these days, every young mind wants make big money instantly and since the government is not helping hand to create job and other amenities, they have no other choice that to start fraud work (yahoo yahoo). And if you are among this youths that wants to make money from scam work then I have 20 Latest Scamming Formats For Yahoo Boys to Make money this year to share with you. But don’t forget to send my share when you finally hit the cash.

What is yahoo format?

In our previous post,i told you that yahoo is another form of illegal business,so since it is a business, yahoo have its own guidelines you must follow to be successful, so yahoo format are those guidelines, tricks and cheat you must put in your work to help you cash out fast from your client.

G-boys are so cleaver that they come up with different formats and lies everyday, when one block Another one will open, I have listed almost
20 Latest Scamming Formats For Yahoo Boys to Make money this year, check them below :

  • Dating format – this is one of the most popular type of yahoo formats, it is refers as romance scam whereby you disguise as a white man by using other people’s picture to create profile in social media like Facebook , Instagram or dating sites. your aim is to look for victims who will fall in love with you and at the end send you some money one way or the other.

    In dating format you can use male or female profile, create account on Facebook, Instagram or dating sites, make sure your profile looks legit and real. after your profile is ready, now start bombing/adding clients, try as to follow up many users daily so you can get a better result.
    Once any client show interest in your conversation, move him/her out of that platform to either WhatsApp or hangout, for those who need USA or any country WhatsApp message me cost is 3k.

  • Method of billing in dating formats : you can give him iTunes gift card billing format, tell him you need to download some apps or music from the app store and it requires itunes card, once he sends it go to Paxful and convert it to naira.
    Another is food/up keep billings, if she is your lover,tell her your food have finish and you need to stock up, with this she will send you some cash .

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  • Military yahoo Format
  • : Military dating format is a popular type of scam whereby you pose/impersonates a military personal in the aim of scamming victims through love and pity. In lay man explanation. Military dating format, Yahoo boys will create fake profile with military pictures and videos especially USA army, then be searching for clients that will love them because of the nature of their job and at the end pay them big money.

    In military format you have many chances cash out big because of the nature of the job, many person’s love the military guys so with this they can easily send you money any time you register. You can use different billing method in military scam, even dating billings can also work on it. Check example below:

    Honey please the government have not yet send us monthly allowance and all my savings is in my account which i don’t have access to because of my nature of job, military is hard without up keep, can you send me some money for up keep? $300 will be enough until our allowance is sent to us.

    You can as well tell her to send you flight ticket fee so you can come and meet him and spend the holiday.

  • Credit card phishing scam: This is a method of obtaining someone’s credit card details through phishing (link clicking) and use the cc to purchase things online or pay for services. This scam is common this days, you might have come across a message telling you to click a certain link, and when you click it you will be directed to a page to input your card details. Some times it comes like a reward or gift claiming.
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    To start credit card phishing scam you need a spam page / website, you can create/clone popular website like amazon, bank website, and other shopping sites that always requires cc.

  • Lottery/lotto scam format :According to wikipedia, A lottery scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call, or mailing explaining that “You have won!” a large sum of money in a lottery.
  • Have you been browsing online and a message pop up for you to answer some questions or fill a form and when you are done a congratulatory message will pop telling you that you won an iPhone or any other items. But before you can claim the reward you will pay some amount of money.
    Another example of lottery format is by sending email or whatsapp messages to the public telling them about the on going scholarship lottery and a link to apply (note that this is fake, the website you are giving them is fake and was created by you) after they apply send them a congratulatory message and bill them some amount of money for the scholarship processing.

  • Inheritance scam format:This one of the oldest popular scam in yahoo business, its always done with email, in this format They sent you a story about you inheriting a large amount of money. Sometimes, the inheritance document can be attached.
  • For you to be successful with this format you must be wise and ready to work, because huge amount of money is involved, send a mail to public especially usa citizens telling them you inherited a large sum of money from your late father but you can’t access it now because of certain reasons,
    Example of inheritance scam format message

    Good day mrs … Sorry for interrupting you with my mail please hear me out,my father told me
    that there is a deposited huge sum of money that he saved at the security company. Now my mother is seriously ill too, and we are unable to access the money because my mother is not Nigerian. We are looking for a way to claim the money, and for this, we need an assistant. However, the security company told us that before our money is released, we will have to pay for demurrage – that is why we need someone to pay for them. We promises you that you will get your share of the money afterwards.

  • Bitcoin scam format : Bitcoin (₿) is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.
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    What is Bitcoin investment scam
    In a layman explanation, Bitcoin investment scam is the means of telling the general public about bitcoin, the use of it and all the benefits and profits they will make if they invest in it in other to scam them. Many persons don’t know much about Bitcoin so its your duty to introduce it to them and also show them how to invest.
    For you to billing them in bitcoin scam, tell them to invest as they are investing you can collecting the bitcoin to your wallet.

  • FBI yahoo format : FBI format is all about threatening your old client with different account and telling him or her that you have his financial transaction records and that if he don’t comply he will be arrested and persecuted by the Usa government.
  • In this format you must know few things/secret about the person so i recommend you use it for old clients who is no longer paying, especially those who you have send cheque to before or done fraudulent transactions with before, threaten them with fake documents from FBi and ask them to pay certain about of money.

    I will be posting other formats below, kindly save this page and keep visiting the website for more updates.

    Do you have any question? Kindly drop your comment.

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