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Want to fly during sex? Nothing is easier! Lie down on the bed, face down, so that your feet completely hung over the bed. When you penetrates you from behind, ask him to lift your feet and keep them suspended during frictions. Because this position provides a very deep …

I’m tired of making love in the bedroom? So, it’s time to learn the kitchen! Put a pad on the table; sit on the table so that the bag is under your buttocks. When you will penetrate you, raise your feet up then shift your legs together. In this position your vagina is a tight ring, tightly …

Standing room

In this position very often movie heroes make love, when passion overwhelmed them in the most unexpected places. One can think of Oscar winner drama “The English Patient”! Indeed, this position is perfect for quick sex, during which you can passionately kissing on the lips and whisper to …

Head half-stand

If you love the pose “a man behind”, we suggest you experiment a bit. Stand facing the chair (or bed), bend over and put up against his head and hands. When you will penetrate you, ask him to raise your one leg (as shown in the picture) and to support your ankle during …

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Emphasis standing

The most difficult thing in this position – is to keep his balance, so when he penetrates into you, put your hands against your knees. This will help you take a stable position. During the frictions you should support you arms around his waist. The pose is ideal for fast, passionate …

Tower of Pisa
If you want, we’ll show you a good way to celebrate, for example, the annual anniversary of your relationship? First prepare you dinner by candlelight, in the final climb on the kitchen table and perform a slow striptease. Undressed sit on the edge of the table. Before he penetrates you, take …

Crouching Tiger / Hidden Dragon

Pose on all fours with your knees on the edge of the bed, your dragon is behind you, feet apart on shoulder width . As he spreads your legs apart, keep your knees together to narrow the vaginal canal, thereby firmly grasping his penis while he penetrates you. Be sure that uleashing your roar …
It is a very comfortable pose for standing sex. Sit on the edge of the sofa or bed, legs wide apart and slightly bend their knees. Your partner should hold your buttocks, and you’re clutching his neck. When he penetrates you, for some time remain motionless, so that it can calculate the …
You can rely on him
You can rely on him
This pose is well suited for extreme sex in a public place. Take a step or a high curb back to the partner, so that your shoulders are against his chest. Leaning on him, legs apart, and he will penetrate into you from behind. If you are not willing to risk own reputation having sex in public places …
In quick
In quick
This position seemed specifically designed for kitchen counters, however, the same way you can have sex on a desk, a washing machine and even the piano (remember the classic melodrama “Belle”). Sit down on the table legs girthing partners legs. In this position the man determines …
Sexy prune
Sexy prune
Pose for advanced lovers, adoring sex in the kitchen or in the office. As usual, lie on the table and board feet on your partner’s shoulder. When he enters you, ask him to cross your legs. During frictions he should spread and close your legs. Thus, during frictions your vagina will be …
If you think that the sense of this position is not different from the classical Doggie-style, then you are mistaken. During the frictions your partner will not only get in your G-spot, but also stimulate your clitoris from the inside! If you suddenly feel that the ground is slipping from you from

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Woman on top
Many women have achieved in such a position their first orgasm. The main advantage of such positions is that they allow women to take an active role and direct the course of a sexual act at her discretion, to concentrate on her feelings. In this position the woman can easily send the partners .

Man on top
This is probably the most common and most often practiced position. While it lacks originality, it can maintain a fast pace and high intensity of frictional movements. This posture of justice is called “male”, as governed exclusively by men. Movements of women are in it limited …

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